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Why TheSearchers

Time is money. Every day a company goes without filling a position is a day that the company is not operating at maximum capacity and losing its money.

Our industry-leading Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solutions, which include full lifecycle recruitment, combine the expertise of our recruiters with state-of-the-art technology to streamline recruitment processes and improve quality of hire.
Our solutions align talent strategies with business strategies to bring the right talent into your organization while reducing recruitment costs.

According to official reports, Ukraine has the most extensive and fastest-growing number of IT professionals in Europe; its IT engineering workforce is expected to double by 2022.

Our team brings 12+ years of real hands-on experience in establishing, servicing and consulting 100+ companies on entering Ukraine and starting their dedicated development teams or IT R&D centers.

Our Advantages

Knowledge of the Labour-Market

We have a relevant database with experienced candidates required on an urgent basis.

Targeted Search

We respect your time, so you will not be presented a stream of less qualified candidates, but only top quality and previously evaluated CVs.

Flexibility and Reporting

We work with you via a weekly reporting system that will help us see the overall situation, making necessary changes for improving efficiency.

Industry experience

During the past 12 years we have delivered services only to IТ companies, which gives us an edge and the confidence that we are the top experts on the market.


The first candidate
0 business days
The accuracy of candidates pipeline is over to 0 percent
The average recruitment period is up to 0 business days

TheSearchers RPO service overview

TheSearchers recruitment services are aimed at sourcing candidates for the Client under their employer branding, best matching soft and hard skills expectations to fit the team and to deliver results expected.

TheSearchers Recruitment Services Deliverables:
1. Define with the Client's job description requirements of the role, and Client's unique selling points and recruitment Go-To-Market-Strategy
2. Provide to the Client with the market salary statistics and assessment of the potential pool size of candidates
3. The Client is assigned to the dedicated recruitment consultant
4. Conduct 1st round of HR screening interviews to assess candidate's fit
5. Present 1st likely candidate CV within 5 business days
6. Coordinate booking of all screening related meetings between the Client and candidates
7. Target to up of 3 finalists (candidates who passed all recruitment related interviews) per 1 vacancy
8. The aim of 80% of CVs presented are selected by the Client for the technical interview
9. Weekly recruitment status reporting via email
10. Creating and supporting of Client's own company profile at the (optional on the need base for the new entrants to Ukraine)
11. Assist in the final selection phase: job offer extension, handling of all required legal paperwork; holding negotiations; etc.
12. Average recruitment period is 42 business days (from the day when the vacancy was opened until the job offer accepted)

TheSearchers RaaS overview

Researcher-as-a-Service (RaaS)

Having a robust sourcing strategy can help your company stay ahead of the game and give you a competitive hiring advantage right now. In today's hyper-competitive talent market, sourcing candidates is probably the most valuable and essential process in recruiting activities for any company concerned about hiring high-quality talent.

Many of the best candidates still don't apply for new vacancies because they are not actively searching. It's on the company’s recruiters to get proactive, and go out and find the right people!
Our sourcing team is ready to support your recruitment team in hiring the best tech specialists for your company.

What we do to cover your hiring needs:
1. Our researcher reaches out to an average of 1,000 leads/prospects per month.
This pipeline of candidates can generate up to 3 hires per month on average!
2. We maintain a pre-qualifying pass-thru conversion rate >50%.
Your internal recruiter is able to review and accept/decline each candidate through our sourcing tool. So, you don't receive any non-relevant candidates!
3. We build and maintain a positive candidate's reply rate, not less than 4%.
4. The researcher’s workload is up to 5 vacancies per month.
5. We create, test, and optimize email templates and nurture campaigns customized to your hiring needs. We provide A/B testing of all email campaigns which are approved by your recruiters.
6. The searching area for candidates is not geographically limited (across all countries).
7. We maintain weekly recruiting sync calls between your recruiters and our researchers. The main aim is to keep up to date with your company's hiring needs, focuses, and go-to hiring strategies.

Service Value gained
1. Professional dedicated recruitment capacity from day 1 with the support of us.
2. Short-term hiring capacity fills in and no need to worry about the dismissal of a recruitment specialist in case there are no hiring needs.
3. Predictable monthly cost and savings as there is no need for external recruitment success fees payments.

RaaS cost and terms:
1. The advantage in working with us is your company saves money: we are more than 30% less expensive than similar services available in your country.
2. The system for running and maintaining e-mail campaigns for candidates – FREE.
It is possible to integrate it with Lever or Greenhouse.
3. The term of the agreement is from six months.


We are the most transparent and honest recruitment agency in Ukraine; that's why we are ready to be flexible in cooperation with the Client. We really do things that you expect!

The warranty period for replacement - 90 calendar days (refund is possible if we cannot find a replacement)
100% of the service price after the accepted applicant joins to work in the company
We will reduce our final price by up to 40% in the case of:
Present 1st potential candidate's CV within 5 business days if not We will cut off our fee 10%
The target of 80% of CVs presented is selected by the client for the technical interview if not We will cut off our fee 10%
The target is set to up of 3 finalists (candidates who passed of all recruitment related interviews) per 1 vacancy if not We will cut off our fee 10%
The average recruitment period is 42 business days (from the day when the vacancy was opened until the job offer accepted) if not We will cut off our fee 10%

For candidates

We cooperate with well-known and successful companies from the US, Canada, Israel, and EU. We understand that there are a lot of excellent IT specialists in Ukraine and how competitive IT market for talent is nowadays. On average, a well-skilled IT specialist receives dozens of job offers every month. We sure that our clients offer the best conditions and exciting projects for candidates. However, we would like to be a trusted partner for all our candidates too.
We guarantee a high level of confidentiality during the whole time of cooperation with us.
We are ready to support you with legal, accounting, etc issues through our partnership network.

We are ready to share our fee with other people because our primary goal is quick recruitment of the right candidates for the client.

We have two kinds of recommendation bonuses.
The first one is a loyalty bonus. We pay it to a candidate who recommended themselves. The payment term of this bonus is at the end of the candidate's probation (evaluation) period in the company. Bonus amount depends on the position level (Junior, Middle, Senior or Manager).
The second one is an external recommendation bonus. The payment term of this bonus is at the end of the candidate's probation (evaluation) period in the company. Bonus amount depends on the position level (Middle, Senior or Manager).

For recruiters

If you are a successful IT recruiter or you want to become one of the member of professional recruitment team. We are ready to invite you to our team.
If you want to hire the best IT specialists to great IT companies with exciting projects, we will provide you with all the needed environment and opportunities.

Who are we looking for our team?

1. We are looking for A-players.
Don't know who is this? Don't worry, please, read the book written by Eric Herrenkohl "How to hire A-players." and come back to us. :)
2. We are looking for experienced IT recruiters who know the best sourcing methods like X-Ray search, Graph search, URL search, etc.
If you don't know the methods, please read the book written by Jan Tegze "Full Stack Recruiter." and come back to us.
3. We are looking for a responsible person, who can support, develop and care about the Clients and the candidates.
Don't know how? We recommend to read the books written by Theodore Kinni "Be our Guest" and by Carl Sewell, Paul B. Brown "Customers for Life: How to Turn That One-Time Buyer Into a Lifetime Customer".
4. We are looking for a team player.
You must have the understanding that your success is equal to the success of your team.
5. We are looking for a person who can solve working issues quickly (problem-solving person).
We recommend you to read the book written by Daniel Kahneman "Thinking, fast and slow" and come back to us.
6. You should have a good understanding of the people and be well versed in their habits, motivations, characters, etc.
You should be, if not a psychologist, then very close to this profession. You have to be a people-oriented person.
7. You must be a hard worker and goal-oriented person.
IT recruiting is not about an ordinary working day from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. It is about results and deadlines, hundreds of meetings and interviews monthly.

Of course, we can't list all the conditions to become an excellent IT Recruiter.
We will share all our pieces of knowledge with you. We will teach you. We will give you a lot of modern instruments for IT recruiting.

Join our team to achieve success together!

Enough of reading. Contact us!

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